“For complaints other than vigilance complaints, the citizen is advised to file his/her complaint/ concern in PGMS or CPGRAMS or LGs Listening Post”
Description of Vigilance complaint– “Vigilance angle is obvious in the following acts:- Demanding and/or accepting gratification other than legal remuneration in respect of an official act......Read More


    A Portal for receiving/ lodging online complaints/ information by citizens on corruption related matters without fear or favour with no confirmation of Complainant’s/ Informer’s identity required. The portal will keep but not disclose the identity to Authorities taking cognizance and action on such information/ complaints while ensuring it’s much faster communication through the portal itself to such Authorities.
    Corruption is manifested in various forms such as bribery; nepotism; wilful action or wilful inaction to benefit someone or to deny benefit to someone known or unknown; favouritism; failure to follow laid down processes leading to unintended benefit to someone or denial of benefit to the deserving. The challenge is to create an environment in which the honest can work fearlessly and the corrupt are punished promptly.


    Complainant should not disclose his/her identity in the complaint. The Complainant will be responsible if his/her identity gets disclosed in any manner through any document including audio/video files in his complaint.

Disclaimer : "No Data of Aadhaar is Being Stored by The System".

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